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Part 2: Scaling Pennies 4 Progress

Published by Ryan O'Donnell on

With funding secured, the team started looking for partners. Through some work with the United Way, we were introduced to a startup in San Francisco called GoodLabs. GoodLabs had already developed the integrations we needed with the major payment processors and a few high profile non-profit organizations.

We combined our resources with GoodLabs, which enabled us to form partnerships and integrations with Clover by First Data, Shopify, Magento, and others. These companies serve a major segment of merchants in-store and online and our solution was downloaded by more than 1,000 merchants.

GoodLabs, along with Pennies 4 Progress, spent several months scaling together. We launched a partnership and integration with so our merchants could raise money for local school in addition to top rated charities. Partnering with Charity Navigator helped us make it possible for any merchant to raise money for any charity using our free application, Charity Checkout.

Two years into our project, we had expanded to serve 60,000+ schools across the United States through a partnership with in addition to partnerships with several of the most respected non-profits in the world.

At our peak, we were raised over $100,000 in a single month but then we went out of business. To find out why things fell apart and what we're up to now, read Part Three.

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