What Happened to Pennies 4 Progress

A non-profit founded by a few college students scaled nationwide, raised lots of money for charity and then shut down.

Part Two: Lessons Learned

Published by Ryan O'Donnell on
Unfortunately, one of our core partners shut down, which meant we were unable to continue this project and our remaining funding was frozen because we expanded too quickly outside of our original scope. Our team learned a lot of lessons, some of the important ones are listed below.... Read More

Part One: The Rise and Fall of Pennies 4 Progress

Published by Ryan O'Donnell on
Pennies 4 Progress, mostly referred to as Pennies, started as a college project between a few undergraduates at N.C. State University in 2012 who wanted to help people raise money for the causes they care about.Our product's goal was simple: Help merchants enable donati... Read More